FAQ – Funding Your Account

Why Does Strategic Gold Require Me To Submit My Bank Account Information?

How Do I Deposit Funds Into My Clear Title Account?

Am I Sending Funds Outside The United States?

Can I Fund My Account From A Different Bank Account Then The One On Record?

Can I Use Multiple Bank Accounts To Fund My Account?

Can I Fund My Clear Title Account With Cash?

Will I Get Precious Metals For The Exact Amount That I Fund My Account?

Do You Pay Interest On The Currency Balance In My Clear Title Account?

How Can I Retrieve The Wire Transfer Instructions To Add Funds To My Account?

How Do I Change My Bank Account Details?

How Do I Remove Funds From My Clear Title Account?

How Long Will It Take For Strategic Gold To Send Money Back To My Bank Account?

Can I Have Money Disbursed From My Account To A Bank Account Not On Record?

Is There A Limit On How Much Money I Can Send To My Clear Title Account?

Will The Cash In My Clear Title Account Show Up On My Statements?

How Safe Is The Cash In My Clear Title Account?

Why Are Deposited Funds Sometimes Returned?

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