FAQ – Buying and Selling Gold

What Precious Metals Products Does Strategic Gold Offer?

Where Does Strategic Gold Buy Precious Metals?

How Do I Purchase Gold Through Strategic Gold?

What Price Will I Pay For My Gold?

What Does It Cost To Buy Precious Metals Through Strategic Gold?

What Are The Minimum And Maximum Quantities I Can Purchase Or Sell?

When Will You Buy My Precious Metals?

How Can I Prove That I Own The Gold That I Have Just Purchased?

How Do I Know That I Am Buying Legitimate And Pure Gold Or Silver?

Is The Gold I Own Classified As ‘Investment Gold’?

What Is The Fineness/Purity Of The Bars?

What Is The Quality Of The Small Bars?

Are My Precious Metals Insured?

Can I Deposit Physical Gold And Silver That I Already Own Into My Account?

How Do I Sell My Precious Metals And Receive The Funds?

What Does It Cost To Sell Precious Metals Through Strategic Gold?

Can I Request Delivery Of My Gold And Silver?

Is Strategic Gold A Market-Maker Or A Broker-Dealer?

What Is The Execution and Settlement Process For A Trade?

Does Strategic Gold Corporation Clear Through My Existing Broker?

Is There Any Sales Tax Payable When I Buy Bullion?

Does Strategic Gold Apply Any Withholding Taxes On Capital Gains?

Do I Have To Pay Vat When I Buy Silver In The UK, The EU or Switzerland?

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