Your Clear Title Account provides you with immediate access to your resources with the ability to liquidate your holdings – all or in part – for cash at the Spot Market Price at any time during the trading day.

When you need a fast, discreet and personal precious metals service, look to us. Our service is fast and effective. And if you need guidance or support, we’re on hand.

Strategic Gold offers:
  • An experienced team, backed by our global best-in-class network
  • Access to the world’s largest bullion markets and credentialed international vaulting network
  • Worldwide settlement of gold and silver transactions
  • Worldwide delivery of gold and silver bullion
Gold is a Highly Liquid Asset

Liquidity is an important factor when considering an investment. Accessible global markets in gold mean you will always be able to sell when you want. When comparing gold to other liquid assets, gold proves to be among the highest quality with a narrow bid-ask spread and a significant amount of daily trading volumes.

Price, speed and access to liquidity – we’ve got you covered.

Your gold and silver is held in Good Delivery form within the Chain of Integrity of the primary bullion market. This is the purest and most trusted form of bullion ownership. Your credentialed gold and silver is always readily available and accessible. Therefore it is highly liquid – meaning, it can be sold for cash quickly and at the best price.

  • The professional bullion market utilizes a host of guidelines and best practices which support the efficiency of the OTC market in physical gold and silver.
  • No Lock-up periods, no cash-settlement clauses.
  • All settlement of trades for cash occurs within two business days.
  • Strategic Gold can tailor its services to meet your individual liquidity needs.

With a Clear Title Account, you will have access to and be participating in the professional bullion market – the deepest pool of physical gold and silver liquidity in the world.