When you buy and sell precious metals in your Clear Title Account your trades are executed at the Interbank Spot Market Price. All your gold and silver transactions are executed at the inter-bank spot market price, which means that you will always get the best price. Our simplified fee schedule ensures that you can buy and store physical gold cost-efficiently and easily without hidden fees and mark-ups.

Simplified Fee Schedule

We offer the most competitive fees in the business.

Strategic Gold charges a transaction fee on purchases and sales. Please ask your account representative for our current rates.

Clear Title Account holders are charged a comprehensive annual administration fee of 3/4 of one percent (75 bps) of the market value of their gold bullion holdings and 7/8 of one percent (87.5 bps) of the market value of their silver bullion holdings. The annual fee is accrued daily and billed quarterly.

The annual fee covers the services and features of the Clear Title Account including:

  • Custody and Secure Vault Storage
  • Quarterly audits
  • Account insurance (bullion)
  • Administrative services and reporting

Strategic Gold charges a $60.00 bank wire fee on disbursements from your Clear Title account to your bank account of record.

To learn more about our simplified fee structure and to see examples, please go to our Products and Pricing page.

Superior Service

Our service reflects the desires of our clients – trust and partnership, values that have earned us an enduring reputation. With a Clear Title Account you are able to take advantage of our extensive experience and our superior pricing and fees. Moreover, you benefit from our direct access to the Primary Bullion Market. This means that you can buy, sell or take delivery of precious metals with the same advantages as central banks, bullion banks, producers, refiners, fabricators and other large institutional traders throughout the world. In short, you will always get more gold for your money when you buy and more money for your gold when you sell.


Strategic account professionals are available to discuss how we can assist you. We will be happy to answer any of your questions or to provide you with additional information upon your request. accounts@strategicgold.com.