Strategic Gold Corporation specializes in creating and administering programs that help investors own physical precious metals in the safest way possible. Our corporate mission is to facilitate the broader ownership and safe storage of precious metals – primarily gold bullion – as a means to preserve and enhance wealth and truly diversify one’s assets. The principals of the firm have multi-generational experience in providing clients with high touch, high value services.

Uncompromised Ownership

We believe that physical precious metals are the ultimate insurance policy in today’s uncertain world. No other investment offers the same level of financial privacy, while eliminating counterparty risk. Physical precious metals’ value does not depend upon functioning capital markets, banks, or stock exchanges – their value is intrinsic. When financial uncertainty abounds, it becomes increasingly important to hold assets with value that cannot be diluted by government monetary policy. Gold has been a store of value and unit of exchange since the dawn of civilization. In every historic instance of currency devaluation, gold has been the ultimate safe haven asset.

Client Empowerment

Our comprehensive program, complemented by our extensive experience in the industry maximizes your control, minimizes your risk and optimizes your benefits. Operating with the highest standards, our tradition of professional excellence and integrity exhibited through highly-personalized service has earned our clients’ trust.

Our client services organization and trading professionals are always accessible, whether in person, over the phone or through the company’s user friendly website. Our focused teams of professionals have extensive experience working across business lines and national boundaries to deliver the benefits of Strategic Gold Corporation’s network and knowledge. Our comprehensive services, unique mechanism and suite of best-in-class precious metals based products are tailored to deliver the highest level of customer service at each step of the process.

The firm’s clientele includes private individuals, family offices, corporations, management companies, hedge funds, trusts and other entities.