In the late 1970’s a family business alliance was forged between American and European family businesses. This international multi-family office partnership has created and administered financial products and professional services including Brokerage, Investment Advisory, Fund Administration, Real Estate and Physical Gold.

Each contributing family enterprise brings their individual business expertise as well as their distinct historical and geopolitical perspectives to the table. As a result, we have achieved a proven track record of creating and administering innovative products and services that are responsive to changing regulatory and market environments.

From the earliest days, the partners recognized that physical gold is a vital component of a balanced portfolio during both bull and bear market cycles. Our multi-generational experience that spans two continents has always included a physical gold component.

As a next-generation product offering, Strategic Gold is preceded by:

  • Anchor Gold and Currency Trust, a closed-ended mutual fund which invested in gold, currencies and sovereign debt. (1982-2001)
  • Universal Gold Limited, an offshore corporation which confers equity ownership of physical gold. (1990-present)

Maintaining strong fiduciary controls and reporting standards, Strategic Gold’s Clear Title Accounts merge the key advantages of modern financial products, namely:

liquidity, transparency, and professional administration;

with the benefits of traditional commercial arrangements that involve tangible real assets, namely:

no counter-party or capital market risk, and strong property rights.

Clear Title Accounts insure and protect the purchasing power of our clients’ wealth and position it for profit in the event of systemic disruptions.