Maintaining strong fiduciary controls and reporting standards, Strategic Gold’s Clear Title Accounts merge the key advantages of modern financial products, namely:

liquidity, transparency, and professional administration;

with the benefits of traditional commercial arrangements that involve tangible real assets, namely:

no counterparty or capital market risk, and strong property rights.

With your Clear Title Account, your specifically identified precious metal assets always remain your exclusive property; we simply administer them on your behalf and according to your instructions. We take pride in the fact that the full accessibility and liquidity that you enjoy in your Clear Title Account is always maintained within a transparent environment of absolute security.

Clear Title Accountholders Achieve:
  • Direct ownership of specific, investment grade, credentialed bullion bars protected by bailment law
  • No credit, management or counterparty risk
  • Immediate access to the international Primary Bullion Market, the largest gold market in the world
  • Order execution at the Interbank Spot Market Price
  • Absolute liquidity; the ability to sell and receive cash proceeds within a 2-day settlement period
  • The right to take physical possession of your bullion at any time
  • Secure global vault-custody options within the Chain of Integrity and Good Delivery System
  • Quarterly inventory audits performed by an independent world-class international accounting firm
  • Quarterly account audits, which include multiple security layers and audit trails, performed by a third-party auditor
  • An asset insured to its full market value
  • Secure online account access
  • Full reporting support, offering the ability to generate complete and accurate financial reports quickly and easily

There are no complicated or vaguely defined collateral relationships or cash-settlement clauses. Clear Title Accounts insure and protect the purchasing power of our clients’ wealth and positions it for profit in the event of systemic disruptions.

Take Clear Title Ownership of Your Wealth

Strategic Gold is not the owner of your precious metals, you are. This is a matter of law secured under the bailment agreement that governs each Clear Title Account. Gold and silver owned by our clients never goes onto Strategic Gold’s balance sheet. Each gold and silver bar bears a unique serial number, and all bars are segregated from other bars which are held for other accountholders. Moreover, all bars are physically verified by an independent auditor on a quarterly basis and cross verified against the Clear Title Account where it is held (by a second third-party auditing firm, what we call the “transaction auditor”) to ensure that each and every ounce that we administer is physically present in the vault and assigned to only one Clear Title Account.


Strategic account professionals are available to discuss how we can assist you. We will be happy to answer any of your questions or to provide you with additional information upon your request.