The Gold Window Trading Platform

The Gold Window provides a real-time online trading platform that can be utilized by wealth managers, financial planners and brokerage firms around the world.

RIAs, managers and brokers can either act on behalf of their clients and/or disseminate a white-labelled platform to their clients.

Firms are able to oversee the entire trading process, from client account creation, funding, order placement and trade execution, vault storage and/or delivery management.

With today’s complex economic environment, you need effective, efficient reconciliation processing. The Gold Window Trading Platform enables efficient operations by automating the reconciliation process. Our innovative platform is a scalable solution to meet any of your firm’s specific needs. Gold Window's reconciliation provides an integrated and consolidated view of your positions, transactions and cash.



This offering is priced as a competitive alternative to ETFs, Closed End Funds and bullion bank offerings, while removing many of the layers of risks associated with those structures. Metals are directly owned by the client and are never leased out or hypothecated.

Strategic Gold acts as your precious metals agent, using our global network of dealers, refiners, and bullion banks to buy and sell precious metals at the best price. This process allows for best execution and deep liquidity in all market conditions. Strategic Gold removes the risk of buying from a single dealer and allows execution of transactions during normal business hours.

By integrating Strategic Gold’s capabilities with your expertise, you will be able to control your own proprietary precious metals investment solution that advisors can use to construct, allocate and manage client portfolios. In so doing, your allocation to gold will no longer be held in a competitor’s product or based upon a counterparty’s competence. We are committed to providing the highest standard in personalized service to each of our wealth management clients.


  • The Gold Window enables investment professionals to electronically trade physical gold and silver.
  • Trades are made on an agency basis which provides clients open access to the Primary Bullion Market, the largest network of institutional dealers and refiners. This execution model provides the client with transparency, best execution, and access to a broad pool of liquidity.
  • Data can be integrated into existing order management systems or reporting software, allowing for efficient treatment of precious metals in portfolio management.
  • Both client and advisor can track the position as easily as they would a stock or a bond.

A true partner to the wealth management industry, the Gold Window empowers advisors to compete for clients by offering a unique solution for owning physical precious metals while delivering a robust level of service.

A remarkably simple asset management solution that will:

  • Expand offering with minimal costs
  • Provide a focused strategy for investment in precious metals
  • Meet client demand
  • Attract clients
  • Increase AUM

Our professional expertise, international representation and independent ownership combine to offer a turn-key solution for wealth management professionals to access the physical precious metals marketplace. Our approach is innovative and personal; we tailor solutions to your individual circumstances while maintaining high standards of service and total confidentiality.

Securely Trade Physical Gold and Silver in the Primary Bullion Market with the Gold Window Trading Platform.

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