The operation of the Clear Title Program is designed to fully protect the account holder and the assets in their Clear Title Account.

Ownership of precious metals in your Clear Title Account is outright. It is your property from the moment you buy it to the time you decide to sell it. You remain the sole and exclusive owner.

We maintain strong internal and external controls including independent quarterly audits of your gold and independent quarterly audits of your transactions so that you can rest assured knowing that your investments are secure.

  • The Clear Title Account Program utilizes the vaults of accredited members of the London Bullion Market Association.
  • All bullion is insured to its full market value.
  • All bullion holdings maintain their Investment Grade Quality and Good Delivery Status.

We believe that quality governance begins with sound principles. Board independence, independent auditor review, strong internal controls, and transparency are at the center of our firm's governance and compliance structure.

Strategic Gold Corporation is committed to its governance principles and their inculcation into our corporate culture. Accordingly, we have adopted a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics in order to ensure that our core values are always followed. We look forward to earning your business.

The Security of Your Bullion

The gold and silver in your Clear Title Account is yours outright, so there is no credit exposure to any counterparty not even Strategic Gold. Our comprehensive controls ensure that even if our business would fail, all your bullion would still be yours and would be returned to you in full by a liquidator. This is the essence of direct physical ownership of gold and silver held in your Clear Title Account. Each quarter, BDO International certifies that the precious metals you exclusively own are physically present within the vault. The results of these quarterly audits are issued to each client in the form of an individual account audit statement.


The Security of Your Money

Our independent transaction auditor, Livingston and Haynes, acts as a third party verifier of all client account activity in order to prevent unauthorized transactions, cash withdrawals and bullion withdrawals.

Strategic Gold accepts a duty to receive, hold and maintain funds received from you directly into a segregated bank account for the express purpose of holding un-invested client money. The bank has acknowledged and accepted that the money in this segregated account is held under a dual signature control and reviewed by the Independent Transaction Auditor.