We invite you to team with us and leverage our experience in order to help build, preserve and manage your wealth. Investing in gold through a trust provides a higher degree of confidentiality and has other advantages such as wealth preservation, asset protection and efficient estate planning.

Wealth Preservation

We firmly believe that effective wealth preservation and diversification calls for the inclusion of assets that are not correlated to traditional financial instruments, do not rely on financial counterparties or markets, offer geographic diversification and deliver global liquidity.

Asset Protection

In today’s internet-based environment, it has become ever more difficult to maintain confidentiality when it comes to information concerning private assets and wealth. A trust can provide significant help in this regard. Our Clear Title Accounts for trusts provide real wealth protection by giving investors a confidential, secure, cost-effective and convenient method to own and store investment grade allocated and insured physical gold.

Estate Planning

Regardless of your level of wealth, estate planning is a vital part of your overall financial plan. Planning ahead can give you greater control, privacy, and an opportunity to leave more of your legacy to your loved ones.

There can be substantial tax benefits resulting from holding gold in a trust. With a properly constructed trust, tax benefits can be substantial both for income and capital gains as well as inheritance tax. A trust also gives more flexibility when it comes to transferring assets or distributing income to heirs. Though Strategic Gold does not give tax advice, we would be happy to work with your advisers in order to help you reach your goals.

Please feel free to contact us in order to understand the full benefits of investing in physical gold within a trust structure.