Vault Storage

Strategic Gold offers comprehensive storage solutions with inventory management in multiple locations worldwide. Clear Title Account holders can choose where they want to buy and store their physical gold and silver safely, inexpensively and confidentially in any of our secure global vaults.

Our vaulting providers are leading names in the logistical solutions industry who offer secure, efficient and reliable services of the highest quality. Their modern infrastructure, cutting-edge security systems and comprehensive insurance facilities ensure maximum security and minimum risk for the global storage of bullion. You choose where to store your gold – from the following locations:

  • Toronto, Canada
  • New York, New York
  • Miami, Florida
  • Zurich, Switzerland

All vault options are reviewed for their industry accreditation, security credentials, service and responsiveness, accessibility, reputation and standing in the local market and on-site due diligence.

Our secure storage options cost the same in whichever location you choose. Please feel free to consult with one of our account representatives if you would like to discuss your secure storage options.

Take Personal Delivery

As a Clear Title Accountholder, you have exclusive, direct, good and marketable legal title to the gold and silver which you own. No one else has a claim on your bullion, therefore, you enjoy the right to take personal possession of your gold and/or silver at any time.

If you choose to take possession of your metal at one of the storage locations, there is no additional fee. If you request delivery of all or part of your holdings to an alternative location, all fees associated with the safe transport of your bullion are the responsibility of the accountholder. As this cost is determined by the exact delivery instructions, you will be invoiced for the specific costs associated with the transaction.