Point-click-trade electronic order execution

The GOLD WINDOW™ is a comprehensive trading platform specifically designed to meet the requirements of trading physical precious metals. It offers a comprehensive trading solution, enabling end-to-end management of the process from account funding, order placement and trade execution, through to vault management, storage or delivery. You can now invest in allocated physical gold, silver and platinum wherever you are using our online platform in the same way that you would trade stocks, forex or futures.

The GOLD WINDOW™ online trading platform, allows wealth management professionals and their end clients the ability to trade, store, and take delivery of physical precious metals. It brings the spot market\'s price transparency, liquidity, execution and clearing facilities into a secure trading environment via Strategic Gold\'s web-based platform.

The GOLD WINDOW™ platform can be fully white-labelled and distributed downstream to your underlying clients.

Key Features

  • GLOBAL --- Strategic Gold provides direct access to the primary bullion market, interfacing 5 major global vaulting facilities and bringing price discovery, storage and clearing into one online trading environment.
  • EFFICIENT --- All market participants across the full physical trade cycle are provided with optimized automated efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • ALLOCATED --- Providing allocated physical precious metals for investment, giving clients full legal title and ownership of their bullion and protecting them against counterparty risk.
  • SECURE --- Offering a highly secure precious metal trading and investing ecosystem through world leading enterprise grade technology and infrastructure for clearing, vaulting, logistics, audit and inspection.
  • ACCESSIBLE --- Providing all market participants, with direct wholesale bullion market access, optimizing your trading and investment activities.
  • LIQUID --- Globally priced and regionally fungible deep pools of liquidity are offered by industry leading physical market participants who are spread across the world.

With The GOLD WINDOW™ you have the ability to tap into and enjoy the The Primary Market’s higher liquidity and tighter spreads; key considerations of any trader or investor.

  • Transparent real-time pricing
  • Electronic order execution
  • Institutional liquidity via access to the Primary Bullion Market
  • Multiple trading centers and vault facilities
  • T+2 settlement of trades
  • Automated reconciliation across wealth management work stations
  • Extensive reporting functionality
  • Quarterly audits performed by third-party inventory auditors
  • Vault inventory management

Gold Window: No downloads, no installations, simply the best way for wealth managers to buy, sell, store and manage physical precious metals investments.